He can’t quite remember if it happened in his drafting and physics classes or in his garage while he was working on his classic British sports car (that needed a lot of help). Wherever it happened, Chris Davis realized early in his life that he enjoyed knowing how things work and influencing visual and structural design to make them even better. This set the foundation for what would become a successful career as a senior-level creative leader.
“designs are solid—clean, modern, and very creative…extremely conscientious work ethic…’catches’ every last particular…deep focus into corporate culture and brand style…making the process of each project as efficient as possible…calm and easygoing, even when under pressure…great sense of humor”
These comments from colleagues and clients illustrate the value that Chris has added to businesses across industries, including manufacturing and distribution, technology / software, consumer packaged goods / retail, financial services, higher education, food and beverage, travel and hospitality, and professional services.
Chris is not your typical art director. Certainly, his creativity is key in bringing new and imaginative ideas to the forefront. Add in his technical aptitude, and you have a creative leader who can dig into the heartbeat of a project—coding, complex designs, additions to the marketing tech stack—to optimize SEO, leads, customer acquisition, the customer experience, and ROI.
Those who know Chris well recognize him as an approachable and inherently optimistic professional. From his relationships with C-suite executives to his daily interaction with his creative services team, he builds family-like work cultures where everyone feels included, respected, and energized to deliver good work.
Since 2010, Chris has served as a contracted Art Director for Concast Metal Products Co. where he has been a member of the marketing team that was key in multimillion-dollar revenue growth. Among his achievements are his collaborations with senior leaders to rebrand the company, infuse a strong UX / CX strategy into a new website build, elevate marketing and branding assets across platforms, and move the company to a top-3 ranking on Google (#1 for key products).
Chris also supports the marketing team for Remcom—a software provider with applications for automotive, aerospace, and defense contracting companies. Working across a wide range of branding and marketing projects, he helped drive the digital transformation of the marketing strategy and elevate the brand to protect the company’s market share in a competitive market.